Genesis Identity

A no-compromise tamper proof solution to issue and verify certificates on the Blockchain


For you, we will help in getting your existing or new certificate(s) issued on the Blockchain from the certificate issuer. This will make it easy to get it verified instantly whenever you need it.


As our issuer partner, we will help you to issue new or existing certificates on the Blockchain. You will save time, money and manpower by eliminating verification requests


As our verification partner, we will help you to verify certificates instantly. You will save considerable amount of time and effort by eliminating the need to contact issuers, and be able to handle more verifications.



For Individuals

Got a university or college issued paper certificate? Let us help you get it converted to a Blockchain based certificate so that you can share it with people who might have to verify it (like employers or immigration verification agencies).

A Blockchain based certificate will benefit you by making the verification process instant and at a very low cost, saving you time and money.


For Issuers

If you are a university, college or any organization that issues certificates, you can benefit by issuing the certificates using Genesis Identity. Regular paper or digital certificates can be duplicated easily. Authenticating such certificates is possible only when someone contacts you to verify a specific certificate.

Maintaining manpowere to handle verification requests costs time and money, and distracts you from your primary activity. Eliminate this entire process by integrating with Genesis Identity. We promise you, as our issuer/verifier partner, this will make your balance sheet look great.

Examples of documents that can be issued on the Blockchain:

  • Education certificates
  • Jewellery certificates
  • Food audit certificates
  • OEM documents and certificates

Get started by creating a new partner account. Rest assured, we will help you take it forward and make the process seamless.


For Verifiers

As a company or verifying authority, you verify claims from students or job applicants who submit their qualification certificates to you. For each certificate, you must contact the certificate issuer and wait for the verification results. The time to get the results is completely dependent on how fast the issuer can handle your request.

In general, verifying certificates is time consuming and expensive for you and the issuer. With Genesis Identity, you can verify a certificate instantly online, without requiring to contact the issuer. If you need to bulk verify certificates, you can do that using our API. With Genesis Identity, the entire process becomes instantaeous, and the number of certificates you can verify each day increases exponentially.

Get started by creating a new partner account. Rest assured, we will help you take it forward and make the process seamless.